How to Create Slides in Google Slides

How to Create Slides in Google Slides

Creating slides in Google Slides is a great way to make your presentations look professional and attractive. You can use a variety of different tools to create and edit your slides, including custom fonts, images, diagrams and more.

Using the Explore tool

The Explore tool in Google Slides lets you select a number of different layouts to use for your slides. These layouts will automatically be applied to any blank slide that you add, and they can help you quickly build more interesting presentations.

How to insert items on a slide

When adding a slide, you can add different elements like text boxes, shapes and videos. Each of these objects can display a pop-up menu to give you additional options for formatting, alignment or arrangement.

It’s also possible to change the appearance of an object by using the colour and style buttons. You can also resize and rotate an object by dragging it to the desired location.

How to group and ungroup objects

If you have a lot of different objects on a single slide that overlap, it can be helpful to group them so that they stay together when resized or moved. To group objects, select them and right click > Group or use the keyboard shortcut CTRL + ALT + G (PC) or CMD + ALT + G (Mac).

How to add an image on a slide

Images can be an important part of any presentation. They’re easy to add in Google Slides, but they can be tricky to place accurately and scale to fit your slide perfectly. That’s where a pre-built template can save you time and effort.

A template will contain a number of master layouts that you can apply to your slides. They’ll make it easier to build a professional-looking presentation without having to worry about the design.

You can also use the Master Layouts tool to create new master layouts as needed. Once you’ve created all the master layouts that you need, you can then return to slide authoring view and build your presentation using these templates.

Changing the theme

If you want to make your slides more appealing, you can change the presentation’s theme. This will apply to all the slides in your document, and you’ll be able to preview the changes before they go live.

Themes in Google Slides are a great way to make your presentations look more professional and attractive. They are available in a range of different styles, and you can change them at any time.

Choosing the right fonts for your slide deck

Arial, Times New Roman and Calibri are all great choices for your Google Slides template. They’re easy to read, and you can easily change their style with a few clicks.

You can even add your own custom fonts to your Google Slides template with just a few clicks. These will bring a whole new level of style to your slides.

Whether you’re making a presentation for your business or for your friends and family, creating a template in Google Slides is a great way of saving time and effort. There are plenty of free templates to choose from, but you can also find a wide range of professionally designed templates that will give your presentation a boost.

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